I sit in Silence and Listen to God

Have you ever just sat and listened? Michele often asks me “besides smoking and drinking, what are you doing in the garage?”

I reply, I’m praying for you and listening to God speak to me.

Cancer is hard on the person that has it and for those that love the person with it and there are numerous support groups for everyone involved. But what if I just want a moment of silence to gather my thoughts, pray and listen to what God has to tell me?

One of the hardest things I have had to endure since Michele’s diagnosis is the fear of the unknown. What now? What next? How do I handle this? Silence I have found is medicinal in that I don’t have to have the answers, I just need to be present. Ok, sitting in the garage smoking and drinking wasn’t working out so well, I wasn’t present, but I was listening.

I heard you ask me to stop and I heard you ask me to be with you, not just in the same place, but next to you. And I am. If I stop listening again, remind me to sit in silence, I’ll hear you.

God Bless

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Everyday should be an Adams Camp day

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Cancer – This is how I’m doing


I met and fell in love with Michele 33 years ago, she has infectious eyes and the most beautiful smile, a huge heart, many friends, she’s the type of person you want to be around all the time. She makes me laugh and she makes me feel good about myself. I am definitely a better person because of her; I like waking up every morning and I look forward to going home every evening.

I keep a picture of her on my cell phone that is my favorite of her, she is looking at me as I took the picture, her beautiful eyes and that smile that melts my heart. It’s my favorite because of her swim suit, it’s a reminder of everything good in my life. When that suit got wet you could see through it and the picture shows one of her many great physical beauties if you look closely at the picture, you’ll see exactly what I see.

My Dad passed away about 30 years ago, prostate and colon cancer. This was a hard loss for me, my Dad and I were best buddies and I was angry and questioned everything in my life including Michele. She held on to me as if her life depended on me, it saved our young marriage.

21 years ago she gave birth to Kyle and Hunter, twins, both endowed with Down syndrome and later diagnosed with Autism. The boys are non-verbal and require constant supervision, we cook for them, cut their food, help them bathe, get dressed and give them a happy and loving home. Those 2 boys deserve all this and more; the love and compassion that they give us is incredible, I continue to learn from them everyday, more than I can ever teach them and I’m sure I’m only grasping a tenth of what they’re trying to teach me.

I know every inch of Michele, freckles, lines, soft spots, hour glass figure, scars, she had the most amazing breasts . . . we love and live well through good times and bad. Even now I know her, she has the most amazing bald head and gets a red splotch on the back of her head at the base of her neck where her hat rubs. I remember when she was pregnant, having twins is hard on a woman’s body, Michele ages with grace and becomes more beautiful each day.

Cancer, when you first hear it, you die a little, and I’ve cried a thousand deaths. When the boys were born I cried, then I gathered myself up and I protect Michele and my boys, it’s what I do. Now I find myself fearing what cancer will do to Michele. She’s had more doctor appointments and bared her body so many times, she’s been poked, scanned and had her breasts cut from her body. Each step has had set backs, so I worry, how will this affect Michele? And I wonder and hope that when she beats cancer, that she will be more beautiful, more loving and kind.

Have you ever seen a person that has had their breasts cut from their body? The scars . . . not pictures either, the real thing, now imagine it’s you. What would you think? How would you feel? I worry how Michele feels about herself. Does she know that I love her no matter what and with all she has been through, I love her more.


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Support Michele Krei

Reckless Abandon Gallery


This beautiful family needs a break! Michele has suddenly found herself in a battle with Stage 3 breast cancer and she is unable to work for the foreseeable future as she undergoes chemo, then surgery, and then more chemo. The unexpected has happened and financial fear has set in. Cancer is ugly and no one is ever fully prepared for all that goes with it. Please consider doing what you can for Michele, whether it is a direct contribution to her gofundme account, or the purchase of an item on our site.  We plan to donate 50% of the proceeds from the sale of Jill English Originals, now through Mother’s Day, to help this family.

This offer is good on full price items and cannot be combined with any other promotional discounts.

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Dances, Proms and Fashion shows

First and foremost, thank you to those that sponsor and hold such events, they bring great awareness to a Forgotten community. But where does the money go? One of the largest fashion shows organized and held in the US was started by the a Denver based foundation, it costs $250.00 (at least) to attend and the money raised . . . goes to research. And what are they researching, “why women abort” and “how do scientists and pharmaceutical companies develop a magic pill that will make our kids . . . Normal? Really.

There are literally thousands of People in the US that live below the poverty level and could use funds and services for Daily Programs and Care. How about some attention to those that have “aged out” of high school and can’t get in to a County funded Day Program because there is a “wait List”.

Kyle and Hunter for example went on the “wait list” at age 14, at the time the wait was 7 years; they are now almost 20 years old and the wait is still 7 years.

Terms like “forgotten” and “life in the margin” loom over families when parents have to quit their jobs so they can stay home and take care of their adult children and the state benefits from it because we can do it for less than what they fund facilities and care givers for those not on the wait list.

Let’s hold a dance and a fashion show and think about this for a minute. Maybe we can smoke some recreational or medicinal pot and hallucinate an answer.

Oh and some of the research is being done on the relationship of the 21st chromosome to Alzheimers, worthy as this is a terrible disease, another group of people that are forgotten while families sit at home, jobless, alone, watching their loved ones die . . . . what a wonderful life, let’s all dress up and dance.

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The 2nd Saturday of December, year 26

holiday 2013

25 years ago, my wife and I decided to have a holiday party at our home, a Christmas party. It started as a small gathering of friends and coworkers. BYOB and we’d provide food, 25 years later what began as a few dozen grew into a few hundred, the final invite list topped 400 people. The largest gathering was the last and final year, 178 people attended throughout the evening.

There were years we only had 30 to 60 people attend because of weather and decisions made by our guests to attend other parties; but for 25 years we held strong in our belief to gather as friends and celebrate the season.

We had drunk years and as we age, not so much drinking but more coming just to gather and enjoy the season, giving thanks for good friends and to celebrate our lives and how time seems to go faster as we grow older, some more gracefully than others, some came early and stayed late, some came early and left early, but you came and we ate and drank and shared our lives and the year and years gone by.

There were years full of tears, laughter and beers, we grew to like wine and food and looked forward to sugar cookies with our names on them hung through the house. But most of all, we learned that we have become more than just coworkers, we became friends, family and share a love for one another, we all looked forward to the event of the Christmas season, the annual Krei party.

Our last was our best and we thank and love all of you that came for the first time or the 25th time, Michele and I renewed our vows and we looked in awe of what you all had come to anticipate and expect year after year. From the first year to the last, we thank you and we will miss you. We will miss preparing the house and food and we will dearly miss cleaning up after the last guest left.

Some years all Michele and I could give ourselves for Christmas was our party and we thank those of you that left so many gifts under our tree, our sacrifice was rewarded one hundred fold and we will forever recall and remember each memory with love and gratitude. Now it’s time for another to take hold of our tradition and we hope to see you, and we sincerely hope you continue a tradition, after all we all need each other and Michele and I need all of you.

Thank each and every one of you for your love and friendship, but most of all, thank you for showing up.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!

Cheers !!
Kelly & Michele

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ABLE Act of 2014 (H.R. 647) – GovTrack.us

If you have a child, grandchild, nephew, niece, family friend or neighbor that has a Developmental Disability (DD), this bill is a small step, but a much needed step for families fighting for their children’s lives.

Most parents wonder and worry how they will pay for college, some families worry about how their children will live a good quality life in the event the parents pass before their child with a DD does.

Please contact your congressman and ask them to support this bill, it matters as much as the lives that that it will support. It costs the taxpayers nothing.

Thank you for taking action and for taking time to reach out to your congressman in support of this bill, it matters !!

ABLE Act of 2014 (H.R. 647) – GovTrack.us

via ABLE Act of 2014 (H.R. 647) – GovTrack.us.

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