A Stick a Piece of String and an empty Box

During the summer months I spend a lot of time ‘working from home’ as my sons require constant supervision and my beautiful wife is doing her part to support our family by flying the friendly skies. This summer I’ve noticed something wonderful as I watch my sons occupy themselves during the day, they don’t need, want or miss all the distractions that most of us let consume our time.

TV, computers, mp3 players, video games, smart phones, email, text messages are all ‘things’ my sons have no interest in; well ok, they like video games in 20 minute sessions, then it’s back to their imaginations . . .

I received a package in the mail Saturday and upon opening the box, one of my sons asked for ‘the box’. I showed him that the box was empty and he gestured that he wanted the ’empty box’. Smiling I handed him the box and wondered, what would he do with a stick and a piece of string. Acting on my thought I went and found some string, then out to the backyard for a stick and upon handing these too to my son, he drew in such a breath and produced the most sincere and joyous ‘thanks’ you would have thought I just handed him the key to the toy store.

He proceeded to the ‘play room’ and occupied himself with his new found treasures for the next hour. When his brother found him, he too wanted what his brother had, but was only interested in the stick and the string which his brother gladly handed to him. For the sake of being able to tell them apart, my sons are Kyle and Hunter, they are identical twins and as twins go, they share an uncommon bond that most of us might only imagine.

Now both having something to hold their imaginations for however long this would last, had become a breath of fresh air for me and caused me to wonder, how is it that we spend so much time with our distractions that we lose sight of truly enjoying the simple things in life that are everywhere, if only we would notice.

Kyle and Hunter are 16 and will be juniors in high school this year, besides being twins and the only children my wife and I have, they also have Down syndrome and Autism. Their lives have impacted me more than I realize at times and I am working very hard to pay as much attention as I possibly can from now on.

In my book The Trials and Triumphs of Down Syndrome  you can read about what life is like for my wife and I before our sons were born and after up of the age of 14. In it I discuss our lives, relationships, careers and faith have changed. You can also purchase via Kindle if you prefer the eBook, thank you for reading.



About kellykrei

Husband to Michele Martinson Krei for 34 years and father of 23 year old twin boys, Kyle & Hunter, both endowed with Down syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder.
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