Kyle and Hunter don’t speak


Please if they are left on this earth without me and their mom, would you read this so you’ll know how to take care of them or find someone that will; thank you.

The boys are currently 16, their birthday is March 11th and their year of birth 1995; they are currently juniors at Horizon High School inThornton Colorado.

A typical day, if you can call it that looks like this; we start waking them between 5:30 and 5:45am so they can get dressed and downstairs to the kitchen for breakfast, they ride the school bus and it arrives at 6:30 in the morning every school day.

For breakfast they like Schwans mini pancakes and waffles with a sausage link and a glass of orange juice. Spread some butter on the pancakes and waffles and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar. They brush their teeth at the table, comb their hair and watch Sponge Bob until 6:25 at which point I switch the channel back to 9 News, this gives them a ‘transition cue’ that its time to get their coats and backpacks and head down the street for the bus.

Sometimes Hunter will ask for ‘boof’ instead of ‘cakes’ for breakfast, he uses ‘boof’ for a lot of things, two is boof, snow boots are boof, and when he says ‘I love you too’ its boof. When he says good morning its ‘nee’.

Kyle says good morning ‘A Lee’ and pancakes ‘k cakes’ spaghetti is ‘A lee’ which sounds like good morning but we don’t have spaghetti for breakfast and we don’t say good morning when we’re having spaghetti.

Kyle and Hunter are best friends and they look out for each other, please don’t split them up, they came into this world together, they should always be together.

At school they eat lunch so you’ll need to plan on about 50 dollars a week, thePara’s send us a sheet from school letting us know what their activities were for the day and for lunch they always have a slice of pizza, fries and a Gatorade for lunch. The bus brings them back home and usually arrives between 2:10 and 2:20 and you need to meet the bus or they can’t be dropped and left; besides not being able to speak they also cannot be left alone; please promise you’ll never leave them alone.

Back in the house, they take off their coats, shoes, socks and pants; yes, they like running around in their boxer briefs. Their modesty is amazing in that they don’t really care what they look like and they don’t really care if you mind. They also dump out their backpacks which will include anything they took to school with them (hopefully) and the ‘what we did today’ sheet.

They don’t snack much, they’ll each have a small bowl of chips or popcorn; Kyle likes to have a can of Fresca and Hunter likes milk, orange juice or occasionally a Sierra Mist or lemonade. They have this between 3 and 4, dinner is between 5:30 and 6 and they have a bath on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights, or as necessary. Kyle likes spaghetti, no sauce, just al little butter and salt & pepper. Hunter likes wide egg noodles with a little butter and salt, no pepper. We cut up their meat into bite size pieces and we know how to perform the Heimlich maneuver, which comes in handy at least once a month. We also give them a bowl of fruit and a stool softener every night with dinner. They are teenage boys and get plugged up and then when they go it plugs the toilet up and it can be a bit traumatic if we don’t monitor them; they usually go number 2 every other day if not every day.

For fun while they are at home, they each have a Playstation 2, PSP, IPods and DVD players; they like to play with a Thomas the train which is set up in our dining room on top of the pool table. They also like on demand available through Infinity, they watch kids programming and the on demand lets them rewind and re-watch a scene they might like as many times as they like.

Bed time is 8pm every night be it a school night or not because if the next day is not a school day they will be up before the sun comes up and by 8 at night they have played themselves sleepy and need a good nights sleep. They like a night light and leave a TV on, it doesn’t have to be on a channel, just leave it on. I guess they like the white noise but the volume is turned all the way down to 2, so they can’t really hear it, just leave the TV on and they’ll fall asleep about 5 minutes after their heads hit their pillows. Oh and one last thing, they like a Sippy cup with crystal light lemonade when they go to bed in case they wake up thirsty during the night. Yes, I said Sippy cup, their almost 17 but in the middle of the night they might spill a regular cup and have a meltdown over the mess and who wants to deal with that . . .

There . . . one day down


About kellykrei

Husband to Michele Martinson Krei for 34 years and father of 23 year old twin boys, Kyle & Hunter, both endowed with Down syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder.
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2 Responses to Kyle and Hunter don’t speak

  1. kellykrei says:

    Mrs. Adams,
    Thank you, for your kind words and for sharing your experience with my sons; this is exactly what I’m looking for as I have never been able to have a conversation with them. Asking ‘how was your day?’ or ‘what did you do in school today?’ may seem like simple things however imagine having a child much less two that can never reply. My wife and I are blessed with people/teachers like you that care so much for our sons and our sons are equally blessed to have and know you. I do know that they love going to ‘cool’ (school) and that is a tribute to everyone at Horizon, thanks again, Happy Valentines Day!


  2. Mrs. Carianne Adams - Horizon High School says:

    Just know for those of us who know them and love them outside of your home, they DO speak. Hunter says hi to me (I’ve never had him in class). But in Astronomy last semester Kyle says an emphatic yes, and I know that loon is Moon; very close to the latin word for moon – luna, and earth, and sun. I know when I go into the lunchroom and tease him about stealing one of his fries that his smile and offer of a fry is communication. I know that I thought after an activity where I had him make nebula art with filter paper, water soluble ink, and water when he gave me a thumbs up that he thought he did a good job. I said “yes Kyle you did a good job” and instead of nodding he grabbed me in a big hug. That made it clear to me that he wasn’t giving me a thumbs up about the job he did, but about the job I did. That he loved the activity and was telling me I was a good teacher. I guess my point is – those of us who see them daily don’t need to have them speak to know what they think, want, and feel. They are wonderful boys and often make my day.


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