Do you get mad at little things?

Dinner was ready and I heard the footsteps of two not so little anymore boys up in my bedroom, this could only mean one of two things; either they are in to something they shouldn’t be or they are using my bathroom which can only lead to a plugged toilet . . . teenage boys eat like there is no tomorrow and like they haven’t eaten in weeks, they don’t chew and they’re not regular so why is it that when they need to have a really good movement, they choose my toilet to plug up?

We live in a tri-level home and the master bedroom is on the third floor so a plugged toilet in my bedroom is more exercise than I want right before dinner; thank you boys, now I must plunge before I eat . . .

When the boys were still boys, some friends of ours shot a public service video and in it, their son was riding with his dad to work one day and traffic was backed up and the father was mad and cursing and his son, who happens to have Down syndrome told his father “you get mad at little things”.

Hunter is first down stairs to the dinner table followed by mister plugged my toilet Kyle and Hunter comes and sits beside me and makes me look him in the eye, takes his index fingers to his mouth and makes a ‘smiley face’ and says ‘appey’ which means ‘happy’ . . . Kyle is looking at me awaiting my response and all I can think of is ‘this is such a little thing’ and yes, at times I get mad at little things, stupid me.

Moral of the story . . . sh . . . stuff happens, enjoy the moments you have with the ones you love, time is short and getting mad  . . . just wastes time.



About kellykrei

Husband to Michele Martinson Krei for 34 years and father of 23 year old twin boys, Kyle & Hunter, both endowed with Down syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder.
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4 Responses to Do you get mad at little things?

  1. Life can be amazing in so many ways. Thanks for such a beautiful post.


  2. averagechildhood says:

    I find myself doing that too. It’s what I like about time-outs. They give ME a chance to get perspective and calm down. I think they were really meant to teach PARENTS!


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