Happy . . . got that off my list


Every day my sons ask me several questions and some of them more than 100 times, but my favorite is “Happy”? And I don’t mind being asked this by them at least 100 times a day; Happy?

One of the most frustrating things we have endured is the lack of verbalization by our sons, don’t confuse this with vocalization; the boys have always been vocal, verbal not so much. So when they verbalize themselves with stuff like ‘happy’, ‘hi and or hello’, ‘yes’, ‘bye’, ‘store’, ‘help’ and a list of other things, I am overwhelmed by the true meaning of communication because if just for a moment, they are speaking with me.

This along with the fact that they like to see me ‘happy’ is magical. Thanks boys, dad loves you!!

I get to cross one of my procrastination items off my list this week, I have successfully been approved for an additional life insurance policy, plus a UL policy for the boys trust when or if both my wife and I leave this earth without the boys. The additional policy will allow Michele to pay off all the bills and take a year or two or five off work to figure out how she will live without me and care for our sons.

If I could offer one piece of advice . . . buy life insurance while you are young and sooner than later, it’ll save you a lot of money, headache and pressure. Happy . . .

Have a great weekend !!


About kellykrei

Husband to Michele Martinson Krei for 34 years and father of 23 year old twin boys, Kyle & Hunter, both endowed with Down syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder.
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3 Responses to Happy . . . got that off my list

  1. solodialogue says:

    Beautiful family. That one word “happy” conveys a lot of communication if you really think about it. Concise, empathetic understanding -they know how to get the mist quality out of verbalizing. I wish I had that talent every day.


  2. Mark Dernell says:

    Like reading my life story only in duplicate! http://www.amaze.fm/artist/Selmer1430P/words/ Mark


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