Rarely out of sight, never out of mind

Have you ever looked back 5 years to see if you’ve made progress or stayed the same or went backwards? Sometimes staying the same is the same as going backwards right? If you are still using a dial up modem with DOS software and a dot matrix printer, have you stayed the same or become a dinosaur? Some of you may not understand; are you still listening to music on 8 track or cassette tapes? Better yet is your prized music collection all vinyl or reel to reel?

I was looking up an acquaintance the other day and found a video that was eye opening, it says to me that services for and lives of the developmentally and physically disabled have not progressed which must mean that their lives have gone backwards, right? Back the truck up, this is 2012; so in 2007 a person with a disability was ‘handicapped’ and could collect a whopping $800 per month in disability income? Wow . . . now in 2012 these same persons are ‘disabled’ and are still able to collect the same whopping $800 per month . . . amazing.

Imagine, I have twins that are both equally disabled, they have hit the ultimate jackpot and combined can collect $1600 per month. Imagine the life they can lead on that but wait, they can earn another $900 per month each and not surrender or jeopardize their disability income. But wait, they will either have to choose to live by themselves OR they can choose to have personal care for 4 hours a day and live without food and shelter. This is progress . . . ? Not rhetorical . . .

 We are blessed, we have air conditioning when it is hot and heat when it is cold; we have clean clothes to wear and food to eat when we are hungry and we do all this within our home, which provides us shelter. The monthly cost of maintaining our household and providing these things is well in excess of $3000 per month much less $1600. Five years from now $1600 per month will go even a lot less than it did 5 years ago.


About kellykrei

Husband to Michele Martinson Krei for 34 years and father of 23 year old twin boys, Kyle & Hunter, both endowed with Down syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder.
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