I See Good People

There are times when we need others to lift us up, to believe in us more than we can believe in ourselves. Not to sympathize or give us all the answers but just to listen and understand, listening has become a lost art . . . I read somewhere recently a quote that read something like ‘I write because it is the only time I can speak without interruption’.

Sometimes for those of us that write, we wonder if anyone is reading or are we the proverbial tree in the forest. Some write to be heard and I wonder if the only reason they are writing is to listen to themselves talk, like radio or TV or . . . you get my drift.

Every once in awhile we connect, you need to hear what I’m writing and I need to hear what you are living; you see life is happening to all of us and we all have a story, maybe many stories, some will be told and some will not . . . have you ever heard that the cemetery is the greatest gold mine on earth for it holds a million stories never told . . . ?

Today someone that walks with me had something to say that struck a chord within me, so I shared it and they in turn shared with me something I would have never have known . . . if not for one human being paying forward that of another . . . have you ever wondered where ‘your’ paying it forward started? Does it really matter? Should we really spend time looking back or focus on looking forward, how about the here and now?

My journey today brought me to 2 fellow human beings that lifted me up by telling me that what I have written matters . . . please take a look and see for yourself @Koomba303 on Twitter or live2lead on word press and @scedmonds or Chris Edmonds. Both took a second of their time to tell me that I mattered, and I thank you both.

I see good people © how about you?


About kellykrei

Husband to Michele Martinson Krei for 34 years and father of 23 year old twin boys, Kyle & Hunter, both endowed with Down syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder.
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4 Responses to I See Good People

  1. Gene Lane says:

    Kelly what you do and say matters. It was so uplifting to connect with you and I do want to spend time with you and your family soon!
    You are indeed a voice for many! Keep on keeping on!


  2. Umair says:

    I must extend a great ‘Thank You’ to you, Kelly. As Leaders, we only do what our Heart directs us to do.

    Being relatable and open, being available to create relationships and to be personal. That’s always my intention with Twitter – I’ll personally respond to each person who makes it personal with me.

    Too often we see good people and interact with them, then let them go. We don’t let them know the impact they had on us.

    So again, Thank You.


    • kellykrei says:

      Umair, thank you. You reached out at a time when I had shut down for several weeks and had written nothing, your words of support brought life to me and gave me inspiration to write again. I thank You.


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