Thank You Adams 12 School District

The following is a letter I sent to the School District that Kyle and Hunter have attended since pre-school. I sent it because the boys have had a very positive experience and far too often those that teach and care for our children are forgotten.

I don’t believe that my sons should be forgotten, nor those that have played such a big role in helping them have the best life possible.

Gentlemen, et al;

My name is Kelly Krei, my wife Michele and I have twin sons that have been in Adams 12 schools since pre-school, 13 years ago. We started at Coyote Ridge, and then due to some concern about possible boundary changes when Broomfield became its own city and county, we moved to Thornton in 2001, our sons have attended Tarver Elementary, Century Middle and now Horizon High School. Our sons are Kyle and Hunter; they are seniors at Horizon 2012-13.

Most likely more often than not you only hear from parents when things go wrong or when things should be improved, I am writing to tell you “Thank You” for a job well done. As I look back on the last 13 years I do not recall a single day that our sons did not want to go to school, not one single day.

We would like to recognize and commend those that have been involved with our sons since pre-school through their senior year and please know that this list is incomplete and the order of the list is not a reflection of the contribution(s) that each have made:

Christina Sjolin, Robin Martin ,Renita Montoya, Rose Ludwig
Debbie Craig, Esther Sandoval, Margarita Valdez, Lisa Peratt
Jenene Nelson, Diana Seymour ,Kerrie Johnson, Kathy Carlow
Heidi Troxel, Tim Flaherty, Carianne Adams, Maureen Kasa

There are more that are missing from this list that have either moved on, retired or are at different schools so please know that we do not say this lightly; from Coyote Ridge through Horizon there have been teachers that took the time to include our sons in their class rooms and this thoughtfulness will never be forgotten. We also appreciate the staff at each school, from the principals to the office, nurses, custodians, kitchen and transportation. Everyone involved deserves our deepest gratitude and has earned our sincerest respect.

Kyle and Hunter have Down syndrome and Autism neither of which was ever used as an excuse by anyone involved in their education as a limitation. They are both nonverbal for the most part but have never been treated as they have no voice and they have never been treated as if they didn’t belong. How do we know? They looked forward to going to school, each and every day for the last 13 years.

Thank you sincerely,

Kelly and Michele Krei


About kellykrei

Husband to Michele Martinson Krei for 34 years and father of 23 year old twin boys, Kyle & Hunter, both endowed with Down syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder.
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2 Responses to Thank You Adams 12 School District

  1. Carianne Adams says:

    Thank you for your kind words. I can’t think of one school day, not one, that I did not want to go to work and teach your sons. By the way, Hunter was nervous this semester when his schedule changed and he had me 1st hour – he had never had one of my classes before. I was told that Kyle very emphatically told him that he had to go to “ADAMS!” and get his smiley face punch for the day. Made me feel great to have one of your sons tell the other that I was a good teacher!


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