Vacuuming the garage

Sometimes I like to just sit and think or sit and watch others; today as I took a break from whatever it was I was doing I noticed my neighbor vacuuming her new car. She started on the passenger side front then driver side front then did the back seating area and floors. Boring enough but then the fun began, after she finished the car and took a moment to admire her work; she then began to vacuum the garage.

She vacuumed the entire garage but what struck me as entirely funny is that she didn’t back her car out of the garage in order to vacuum underneath her car. Is there no dirt under her car or does she simply need a clean path to enter it and leave it after driving and then re-parking in the garage?

Most folks sweep their garages with a broom or some like me use the leaf blower. I wonder if she has a separate vacuum for the garage and one for the house. When she finished she left the garage door open and with the wind blowing I can only imagine that a leaf or two made their way in along with the dust being blown by the wind.

Now I’m wondering if she has a ‘To Do’ list and she went inside to cross that one off. “Well honey, I vacuumed the car and the garage, what would you like for dinner?” Maybe we should eat out so we can take the car, it’s clean as a whistle but we’ll want to go to a place that has a clean parking lot so we don’t track anything into the car. Maybe we should just order delivery, we could cook something here at home but I just vacuumed the floor and crossed it off my list so I’d hate to get the floor dirty from cooking and have to add ‘Vacuum’ back on my list tomorrow.

Maybe she should go pick up her grandkids and take them to the park, maybe I should find the vacuum that my wife hides somewhere in this house and do some vacuuming myself. Nah, I know where the broom is and the leaf blower and using either of those are funnier to explain.

Happy vacuuming and remember, somebody is always watching, do something they’ll remember, maybe even write about!!


About kellykrei

Husband to Michele Martinson Krei for 34 years and father of 23 year old twin boys, Kyle & Hunter, both endowed with Down syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder.
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2 Responses to Vacuuming the garage

  1. Carianne Adams says:

    I use a ShopVac to vacuum my garage . . . I sweep first. There is just a lot of very fine piles of dirt that I can’t get up. Never thought it would look strange.


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